Mrs. Mary F. Youmans, Ed.S/Instructional Lead Teacher & SCES Test Coordinator

Seminole County Elementary School....

Educating Seminole's Little Indians!

WHOOOOO???? It's Mrs. Mary Youmans... I'm a RETIRED First Grade Teacher at SCES!  I am now in my third year as the SCES Instructional Lead Teacher and Test Coordinator. My job is to assist  the Administrators and work with Teachers, Students & Parents in all grade levels. If you have an up-coming FIRSTIE, please feel free to explore my Web Page to learn about some of the exciting experiences that await your child!

Welcome to Seminole County Elementary School! 
Be Responsible, Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Safe...
Be Successful!!! SCES RULES!!!!

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The "Catty" Mrs. Youmans as portrayed in the
SCES 2015 Production of Seussical, Jr.


PLEASE save all your Box Tops for Education coupons to bring to school as often as possible! Throughout the year, one class from each grade will be rewarded for bringing in the most Box Tops for the scheduled collection period. 

SCES "RULES"! SCES is #1!!! We're looking forward to an AWESOME 2019-2020 year! Welcome to my Webpage! Read on.

Check out our  2019-2020 System-Wide School Calendar by clicking on "System Site" on the left side of this screen and then clicking on "School Calendar"!

I will post the 2019-2020 SCES Testing Calendar soon after the beginning of the school year.

Upcoming 2019-'20 School Year Important Dates to make note of:

  • Meet the Teacher - 
  • First Day of School - Aug. 7, 2019  
  • PTO - 
  • Fall Pictures - 
  • Labor Day Holiday - 
  • Progress Reports - 
  • NEHS Induction - 
  • Open House - 

2019-2020 Supply Lists have been posted on the SCES Website. Just click on "Elementary School" on the left side of the screen! Supply Lists for Grades PreK-5 will be found here!

Students will not be able to access our IStation Reading & ILearn Math Individualized Computer Programs from home due to existing school policies this school term. These programs should only be utilized at school.        

On-line access to our current Reading & Math curriculums will be available for students! Students will be given their password/login information to access this Website from home. The following is a link to get logged on: 

For past First Grade Weekly Newsletters and Homework Information, click the  "Weekly Newsletters & Homework Activity/Choice Boards" link on the left side of this screen (look under "Assignments" Heading)!  These documents, though out-dated, will give you an idea about what might be going on in your child's First Grade classroom! These are my personal newsletters & homework requirements from my years as a First Grade Teacher!

PLEASE join our AWESOME SCES PTO ! Membership dues are $10. The first PTO Meeting for the 2019-'20 School Term will be __________________ in the SCES Auditorium. The remaining dates for PTO meetings will be announced ASAP! 
Email me at with any comments, questions or concerns you may have!

First Day of First Grade for 2016-2017... OWL-SOME Beginning!

Last Days of First Grade 2016-2017... An OWL-TASTIC Ending!
My how these kiddos grew through the year!
I'll OWL-ways remember this Great Group of Firsties and my last classroom of students!
It's hard to believe these students are now rising 3rd Graders!

Lots of pictures were taken throughout the year. Each student received a special DVD at the end of the year which included all photos taken of our special times together! So many First Grade Memories to treasure! If you need a copy of this DVD, let me know!

My Family & I celebrating my Retirement after a 34-year teaching career! I do miss classroom teaching! Left to right: Sons Wesley & William Youmans, Mary Youmans, & Husband Bob Youmans. Son Warren Youmans away working & training in the US Air Force!  

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Learning is knOWLedge!