Attendance Policy


The Seminole County School System emphasizes the value of regular attendance in enabling students to benefit from the school program.  Georgia law requires each student to attend school on a daily basis.  The parent or guardian will be held responsible if not in compliance with OCGA-20-2-690.1- Compulsory Education.


Each student shall be issued a student handbook at the beginning of the school year or at the time of registration for new students if the school year has begun.  The handbook shall contain information regarding student attendance and must be signed by the student and the parent(s), legal guardian, legal custodian, or other individual who has charge of the student (hereafter called “parent”).  This signed handbook will serve as proof of the student’s understanding of the attendance rules and prove the understanding of the adult who has charge of the student. 


1.    A doctor’s excuse is required for any absences for health-related reasons if a student is absent for three (3) consecutive days or more.


2.    The maximum number of parent notes per semester is five (5).  After five (5) parent notes, a doctor’s excuse is required.


3.    ALL excuses must be returned to the middle school secretary for grades 6-8 and the high school secretary for grades 9-12 within three (3) days after the student returns to school.   Excuses will not be accepted after 3 days.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for makeup work within three days of returning for general absences and within five days for hospitalization.


4.    A parent conference with the attendance committee is required if a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences in a semester. 


5.    More than ten (10) days of absences in any class per year is not allowed.  Once a student is absent more than ten days in any class period, the student will be required to begin attendance recovery.  Students who do not make up this time MAY NOT receive credit for the class(es).  This decision will be made by the attendance committee pending principal approval. 


6.    Multiple unexcused absences will be referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice once ten unexcused absences are accumulated. 


7.    Out of county students who are continually absent may result in the student being asked to withdraw from the school system.  This decision will be made by the attendance committee pending principal approval.