Admisson Policy

Seminole County Middle/High School Admission Policy


All students entering Seminole County Middle/High School MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. Student and parent/guardian must provide the following:


  • Birth Certificate, hospital record of live birth or a state registration, as written proof of date of birth/age.


  • Immunization records including both:

___  (a) Form 3032, Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificate of Immunization

          ___ (b) Form 3300, Certificate of Eye, Ear and Dental Examinations


  • Withdrawal records from previous school including-

___ (a) Attendance records

___ (b) Unofficial transcript

___ (c) Standardized test data

___ (d) Withdrawal grades

___ (e) 9th grade entry date (if applicable)

___ (f) All Discipline Records


  • 2- Proofs of residency- parent/guardian must present a utility bill, cable bill, or telephone bill AND rent receipt which states Seminole County residency.

  • Driver's license or other photo ID of parent/guardian which states mailing address.  

  • Original social security card


  • Petition for Temporary Letters of Guardianship of a Minor- for any student not living with biological parent.  May be obtained from the Office of the Probate Court at the Seminole County Courthouse.




Students who enroll from another state shall meet the Georgia graduation requirements for the graduation class they enter and the Georgia assessment requirements for that class.