Guidance and Counseling


About the Counselors

  The Guidance Counselors for Seminole County Middle/High School are Natalie H. Horne and April Tabb.  Mrs. Horne is the counselor for grades 9-12 and may be contacted by telephone at (229)524-5135 or email at  Mrs. Tabb is the counselor for grades 6-8 and may be contacted at (229)524-5135 or email at

Guidance Services

The Guidance and Counseling Department offers services that are designed to help the student make wholesome and realistic personal, social, career and technical, and educational plans and adjustments. The counselors are available for special or scheduled consultation.

Some of the services which are offered include the following: class selection, scheduling and registration, post graduate plans, military and vocational options, individual and group counseling, study skills, drug and alcohol referrals, and personal and family counseling referrals.

Registration: Registration is held in the spring of each year for the next school year after an advisement session. Transcripts are reviewed with students and course selections are made considering post secondary plans.

Schedules: Student schedules are distributed at the beginning of each school year. Requests for a schedule change should be filed in the guidance office.
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